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This site is made up of Photos from various Photographers and their work. Currently we have Mark Brown of Kustom Keepsakes, Bobby Armbruster, Bob Perran, Dave Pratt, Andy Watts and Ryan Karabin.

If you have any questions please contact the Photographer of the picture
Email Mark Brown of Kustom Keepsakes, Email Bobby Armbruster
Email Bob Perran , Email Dave Pratt , Email Andy Watts
Email Ryan Karabin ,

We are the track photographers at Lebanon Valley Speedway , Albany Saratoga Speedway , Orange County Fair Speedway, Volusia Speedway Park , Mohawk International Raceway ,and Airborne Park Speedway and our photos are in Area Auto Racing News and Gater Racing News weekly.

We believe that we charge a fair price for all of our photos and now you can order exactly what you would like and no high pressure sales pitch. You can order directly from the site or email the photographer directly if you want them brought to the track for pickup.

We also offer other novelties from this site like Clocks, Placques, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Calendars, Magnets, License Plates and Mousepads.
We can also add text and make composites and place them out here for your viewing before ordering

Thanks for stopping by and looking at what we enjoy doing.

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